Passando per Modena
The restaurant closest to our facility.
A place where you can relive Emilian cuisine in Padua according to the original and creative interpretation of our chef Francesco. Passing through Modena it is a stop within a journey ... a journey back to the Emilian tradition, a dip in the past among flavors, "traditions" and myths that have made the city of Modena famous throughout the world.
Being their guests means escaping from the chaos of hectic everyday life and rediscovering the Italian spirit and the roots of our culinary history; all in the splendid and unique magical setting of Prato della Valle.

Il vecchio falconiere
In our opinion, one of the best meat restaurants in the city, always with an excellent selection of raw materials by the owner. We recommend the knife-cut tartar and the meat to be seared on hot dishes.
Located in the context of the historic center of Padua, the Vecchio Falconiere restaurant, formerly Falconiere and Riccardo Patrese club in the 70s and 80s, then Mandarin Chinese restaurant, saw the return as owner of Mohamed Shalaby then chef at the beginning of the 90s. Mohamed successfully brings the restaurant back to its original style and menu and renames the local Vecchio Falconiere precisely to underline the continuity with the tradition of what the place once was.

You eat what is on the bench.
The beating heart. From the counter you can bring home (or have you take it home) everything you like, or enjoy it comfortably at the table or at the bar. An amused search for meats and cheeses can give an uncommon satisfaction in every desired moment, from the most important dish to the most delicious cicchetto.
Eat in delicatessen, with ease and calmly, with a cuisine that focuses on the territory while maintaining attention to traditions. Every day, in addition to the menu, a blackboard always presents different proposals.

Le Calandre
One of the best restaurants in the world.
Opened in 1981 by Erminio Alajmo and Rita Chimetto, under the leadership of Max and Raf it has become, since 2003, one of the Italian restaurants awarded the three Michelin stars, present in the ranking of "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" consecutively for over 10 years. It is the beating heart and research laboratory of the Alajmo group, founded around the cooking principles dear to Max such as lightness, depth of flavors, fluidity, respect for the ingredients to grasp the essence of the material. The approach is also reflected in the room, where all the elements present - the tables, glasses, cutlery, lamps - were designed by the Alajmo brothers and created in collaboration with some Italian artisans. The result is a harmonious multi-sensorial atmosphere that spreads from the kitchen to the room, with friendliness and naturalness.

Ai Navigli
A wonderful and continuous discovery, always new, stimulating and satisfying taste experiences, with the fish and veg as protagonists.
A bewitching smile, a pleasant and immediate feeling of well-being, the desire to follow new gustatory itineraries: this is what you feel when you cross the threshold of the Ai Navigli restaurant. With the serenity of a parking space available.